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  • Wash Service
    • Need your large vehicle washed?
    • Kadon's expert staff and Wash System are ideal to clean your: commercial motor vehicle, personal pickup, motorhome, farm equipment, tractor with trailer, school bus, charter bus, water truck, aggregate equipment, truck engine, undercarriage, semi van  trailer, or other transportation or equipment. Our state of the art Wash System is eco-friendly, designed so that its used water is recyclable and  environmentally friendly after it's used.

Call Cathi at 707-838-8008 ext 2 for an appointment.

  • Wheel Polishing
    • Want your aluminum wheels shined?
    • Bring them to Kadon, the best wheel polishing service in Sonoma County. Our wheel polish department will have your aluminum wheels sparkling in no time. We specialize in truck wheels but do other custom, industrial, or commercial wheels too.

Call  Cathi at 707-838-8008 ext 2 for an appointment.

  • Broker Service
    • Own your own truck or fleet and want a broker to call you with work?
    • Kadon Trucking provides dispatching service for subhaulers. We are always continuing to build relationships with contractors, subhaulers, and pullers. As brokers, with a growing, mid-sized fleet, we often use contract motor carriers for hauling.

Contact Us if you are interested in becoming a CMC to subhaul for us.



•    Dump sites for off-hauling available
•    Flatbed hauling of equipment and materials
•    Hauling of aggregate materials
•    Trailers for rent, click here


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